Classification of Advertising based on Area, Audience and Media

Advertising classification can be done in many ways, and a few of the ways are given in the article.

Classification of Advertising

1. Based on Advertisers

1. Size of the Budget

The advertising budget of big companies might be in the millions

2. Nature of the Organization

Advertisers are divided on the basis of the nature of the organization. For instance, NGOs, commercial organizations, and government organizations.

Example – World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)

World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) Partners With Snapchat To Promote #LastSelfie Campaign.

World Wildlife Foundation

“Don’t let this be my #Lastselfie” was used to increase donations to WWF.

World Wildlife Foundation - 1

#LastSelfie creatively uses the new Snapchat mobile social platform.


2. Based on Area

1. Local Advertising

Retailers implement local advertising to reach people in a local area.

For instance, cable networks, newspapers, billboards and posters.

2. Regional Advertising

When advertisers want to focus on a specific region, they implement regional advertising.

For instance, the radio and television.

3. National Advertising

When advertisers want to sell their products all over the country, they employ National advertising.

For example, magazines and televisions.

4. International Advertising

Hotels, airlines, and MNCs use international advertising for advertising their products.

Example – Coca Cola

Coca Cola’s #ShareaCoke Global Campaign

1. Media

The campaign needed original content in various languages and formats, including print and TV ads, billboards, SMS messaging, websites, and social media. Consumers ended up sharing more than 500,000 photos through the #ShareaCoke hashtag within the first year.

Coca-Cola roughly obtained 25 million new Facebook followers in that very same year. The campaign sold more than 150,000,000 personalized bottles. It’s resulted in over 1 billion impressions.

2. Measurement

Coca-Cola managed to gain a 2% rise in soft-drink sales that increased Coke consumption from 1.7 to 1.9 billion servings per day and made #ShareACoke a No. 1 global trending topic on social media.

3. Based on Audience

1. Consumer advertising

  • Consumer action is encouraged, and awareness is created with the help of consumer advertising.
  • Magazines, radios, and televisions are the most commonly used media.

2. Industrial advertising

The kind of business-to-business advertising that is directed at manufacturers is called industrial marketing.

3. Trade advertising

  • Here the raw materials and equipment used in another company’s manufacturing process are advertised.
  • In addition to promoting particular products, wholesalers, retailers, and dealers can be influenced with the help of trade advertising.

4. Professional advertising

Doctors, architects, professionals and lawyers can be influenced with the help of professional advertising.

Example – Nike (Pandemic Campaign for Global Audience)

  • At a period when both global athlete’s and humble jogger’s day-to-day activity has been interrupted, Nike created a campaign that intends to unite us all in our ‘new normal.’
  • Nike’s ‘Play for the World’ campaign.
  • Created by Wieden + Kennedy, augments the message that everyone must do their bit for the world and ‘play inside’.

4. Based on Media

1. Press Media

Magazines and newspapers comprise Press media.

2. Broadcast Media

Television ads and radio comprise broadcast media.

3. Outdoor media

Neon signs, hoardings, points of purchase, transit, and posters comprise outdoor media.

4. Internet media

YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to implement internet advertising.

Example – Absolut Vodka (Print Ads)

Example – Absolut Vodka (Print Ads)

  • Absolut bottles don’t have a distinct shape.
  • It is, however, the easiest to recognize bottle around the globe.
  • Absolut’s campaign included print ads were a huge success.
  • These showed the bottles “in the wild”.
  • The ad continued running for 25 years.
  • It’s the longest ad that has run without interruption.
  • It consists of more than 1,500 separate ads.
  • Absolut’s vodka market share was only 2.5% when the campaign was launched.
  • It finally came to an end in the 2000s.
  • By then, Absolut was importing 4.5 million cases into the US per year.
  • This is half of the total vodka imported into the country

5. Based on Function

1. Direct Action advertising

In order to get instant responses and actions from the target demographics, direct action advertising is employed.

2. Indirect Action Advertising

Attention is directed towards a brand through indirect action advertising.

3. Primary advertising

Broad demand for services and goods is generated through primary advertising.

4. Selective advertising

Selective demand for products is generated by the advertisers of branded products through selective advertising.

5. Product advertising

Product sale is marketed through product advertising.

6. Institutional advertising

The name and goodwill of a company are built through institutional advertising or image advertising.

Example – Volkswagen (Lane Assist Feature)

Example – Volkswagen (Lane Assist Feature)

  • Volkswagen released a three-page guide that helped readers take a test drive.
  • Users could install an app and try out different features.
  • These included the “Lane Assist” mode.
  • This mode makes the phone vibrate if it came too near the side of the road.