What is Internal Marketing and why is it Important?

Internal marketing is all about treating employees as “internal customers” The process where the products, services, and objectives of a company are advertised amidst its employees, is called internal marketing.

Treating employees as “internal customers” allows employees to orient themselves with the functioning and vision of the company through internal marketing. The aim of internal marketing is to encourage brand advocacy and to increase the engagement of the employees pertaining to the company goals.

Purpose of Internal Marketing

Purpose of Internal Marketing

It aims to help employees understand the objectives and visions of a company so that prospective consumers can be provided with worthy service. Along with expanding the reach of the brand, internal marketing also increases the participation of employees. The Service Marketing Triangle can be accomplished through internal marketing.

Benefits of Internal Marketing

  • Increases participation of employees.
  • Employees who are engaged tend to be happier than the ones who don’t.
  • It increases faith in the company and its deeds.
  • It is a stimulant for hard work.
  • They’re more faithful to the company.
  • Employees advocate the products of the company and turn into brand ambassadors.
  • It encourages a healthy culture of the company and boosts morale.

Internal Marketing Strategies

Knowledge of contribution of employees

Employees need to be aware of their contributions to the company for it to be successful.

Employee awareness

Creating awareness among employees about the services and products of the company.

Healthy work environment

To build a healthy work environment and offer appropriate advantages and salaries.

Employee input

Employees are motivated to give their input on company affairs- management, policies as well as criticism.


Considering worthy suggestions given by employees and appreciate them in public.

Clear corporate mandates

To ensure the existence of clear aims and corporate mandates which are circulated throughout the company.

Provide opportunities

To allow the employees to evolve, develop professionally, and get promoted.

Work-life balance

To incorporate a steady work-life balance in the company’s culture.

Internal Marketing Examples

1. Marriott International

Marriott International

The wellbeing of the Employees.


The workplace environment of Marriott is appreciated by 85% of its employees, which is more than the average of 59% for a US-based company.

At Marriott, (Executive Chairman) Bill Marriott is often seen standing in line holding a tray at the employee cafeteria, encouraging others to go before him, says Marriott International’s global Chief HR Officer, “He’ll get his food and then sit down at a table and talk with employees.”

Marriott’s TakeCare Programme,

Fitness events and challenges, financial-wellness tools, emotional health, career-development training, and opportunities for community involvement are a part of TakeCare. There are higher than 15,000 employees worldwide who have volunteered to create awareness of the program and are titled as the TakeCare “ambassadors”.

2. Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton


Empowerment of the Employees

All employees at the Ritz are referred to as Lady & Gentleman at The Ritz-Carlton. They are allowed to spend $2000 on each guest, per incident.

Employees are encouraged to deal with the guests’ issues and immediately resolve them by quick decision-making. This elevates the customer experience and makes it extraordinary. They aim to provide an impressive experience for guests who stay with them.

Simon Cooper said- “A lot of the stuff that crosses my desk is not that they overcame a problem but that they used their $2,000 to create an outstanding experience.”

For Instance,

  • Rumors exist about a shoe tree being built for a guest by a carpenter hired by them.
  • A laundry manager flew down to New York from Puerto Rico to return a dress whose stain they couldn’t get out even after trying twice.
  • In Dubai, a waiter arranged for a wooden walkway leading to a tent on the beach for guests who were sad because the husband couldn’t take the wife who was in a wheelchair down to the beach.

3. Apple


Extended Parental Leave

The company initially provides a 16-week paid leave to make it easier for other employees to go through the transition. Now, new parents are given a grace period of 4 weeks after they join, where they are required to work only part-time but are paid their full salary.

As long as the employees meet the company’s requirements (approved by a supervisor), they’re allowed to make their own timetable. A 4-week family leave extension has been made for parents that adopt.

The company has also tripled its financial assistance for adoptions. It now offers Employees $14,000 as an aid to the thousands of dollars required for adoption.

Glassdoor’s Best Places To Work In 2020 Shows Tech Is The Future

Internal Marketing Examples

In 2020, the best places to work were

  1. HubSpot (4.6 ratings)
  2. Bain & Company (4.6 ratings)
  3. DocuSign (4.6 ratings)
  4. In-N-Out Burger (4.6 ratings)
  5. Sammons Financial Group (4.5 ratings)
  6. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (4.5 ratings)
  7. Intuitive Surgical (4.5 ratings)
  8. Ultimate Software (4.5 ratings)
  9. VIPKid (4.5 ratings)
  10. Southwest Airlines (4.5 ratings)